Timings / Facilities at Sabarimala

The Travancore Devaswom Board is trying its level best to provide all facilities for the pilgrims, due to the heavy rush, the facilities may not be enough. Hence pilgrims are advised not to overstay at the temple premises. Since the boarding facilities at the Sannidhanam are not enough to cater to the heavy rush of pilgrims, the devotees are requested to leave Sannidhanam at the earliest, after Darshan and other rituals.

Parking of vehicles except light vehicles has been arranged at Nilackal. The heavy passenger vehicles allowed to drop the devoees at Pamba and go back to Nilackal, to park the same at the parking area provided by Travancore Devaswom Board. After the Darshan devotees may avail the facility of chain services arranged by KSRTC to reach Nilackal parking area. These arrangements are to avoid the heavy rush and trafficjam at Pamba. During heavy rush days, heavy vehicles will not be allowed beyond Nilakkal.

Accomodation Facilities in Sabarimala :
For Booking Accomodation at Sabarimala Ph: 04735 202049, Devaswom Commissioner Travancore Devaswom Board, Nanthankod, Thiruvananthapuram – 3, Ph 0471 2316963, 2317983, Devaswom Board Guest House and Annexe having 24 rooms and Sabarinivas II rooms are set apart for VVIP’S.

No.of Rooms
Sabari Nivas

Three Bed Rooms

Four Bed Rooms

Five Bed Rooms





375 – 700
Maramath Complex
225 – 450
Pilgrim Center 1
Pilgrim Center 2
Malikapuram Building
GKD 2 hall
Poona Pushkala Hall
Donor House 1
Donor House 2
Donor Hall
Donor House 3
Donor House 4
Donor House 5
400 – 750
Cottage 5
600 – 1000
Additional person Rs 50/- Extra.

Ghee Abhishekham – During Mandala Pooja Festival
Morning – From 0400 Hrs till 1130 hrs. Closes at 1300 hrs.
Evening – From 1600 hrs. Last time for Neyyabhishekam has not yet been ascertained.
Harivarasanm at 2300 hrs.

Important Vazhipadus at Sabarimala :
Padi Pooja: Rs 30,001/- ( Charges for Pooja materials extra)(2019 next booking date).
( During festival season of Mandalam Makaravilakku, this pooja is not conducted )

Name of Vazhipadu Amount Name of Vazhipadu Amount
Udayasthamana Pooja 20,001/- Swayamvara Archana (Malikappuram) 10/-
Ganapathy Homam 61/- Navagraha Pooja 51/-
Usha Pooja 501/- Valsan Nivedyam (Malikappuram) 10/-
Nithya Pooja 2501/- Modakam (Pampa Ganapathy Temple) 8/-
Pushpabhishekam 201/- Aval Nivedyam 8/-
Ulsava Bali 5001/- Swornabharana Pooja 5/-
Muzhukkappu 301/- Ayyappa chakram 40/-
Laksharchana 1001/- Malavadi Pooja 2/-
Sahasra Nmarchana 10/- Ucha Pooja 2001/-
Ashtothara Archana 10/- Parayideel (paddy) 45/-
Thulabharam 15/- Sahasrakalasam 10001/-
Neyyabhishekam for each mudra 3/- Navagraha Neivilakku 1/-
Aravana 250gm 50/- Vidhyarambham 51/-
Aravana 500gm 100/- Kettunira (Pampa) 151/-
Appam (1pkt) 7nos 20/- Manjal Kumkumam 2/-
Vibhoothi Prasadam 5/- Malar Nivedyam (100ml) 2/-
Vella Nivedyam 200ml 5/- Adima ( Sannidanam) 51/-
Bhagavathy Seva 101/- Sarkara payasam (Sale) 250ml 1/-
Thanka Anki Charthu 5001/- Sarkara payasam (Sale) 500ml 5/-
Vadamala (pampa) 45/- Sarkara payasam (Sale) 200ml 2/-
Choroonu 51/- Panchamrutham 250ml 2/-
Namakaranam 51/- Panchamrutham 500ml 4/-
Adiyasishtam Ghee 100ml 20/-    

Booking charges for Laksharchana and Pushpabhishekam is Rs 501. List of items to be provided need to be obtained from the Thantri. Clothes to be worn by the Thantri, Mel Santhi etc have to be provided by the devotee along with appropriate ‘dakshina’.

Please note: The charges mentioned above may change according to the charge revising and it is only for booking of pooja. The actual cost for performing the pooja may work out to a very much higher amount in some cases.

For eg…a simple Pushpabhishekam may involve a total outlay of nearly Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000. A Kalabhabhishekham may involve a total outlay of nearly Rs 10,000 to 15,000 (or more).
To book these poojas, the requisite amount has to be paid in advance. Demand Draft, payable at Thiruvananthapuram , is to be made out in favour of:-

The Executive Officer
Travancore Devasom Board
Kerala 695001
Phone: +91 471 2310319
Phone (Sannidhanam): +91 4735 222026

On the days when the temple is open, the Executive Officer will be available at Sannidhanam. All correspondence needs to be made directly with Travancore Devaswom Board. ABASS has no role to play in booking of these poojas.

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